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Gemological Appraisal Services in Westminster, California, United States

Gemological Appraisal Services located in Westminster, California, United States is Seattle’s only for the jewellery appraisal service. With a well-earned name of expertness and experience, we have a tendency to square measure recognized as Seattle’s jewellery authority, providing appraisal, gemological appraisal services and steerage to the general public, the jewellery trade, insurance firms, legal corporations, money establishments, and government agencies.

As Gemological appraisers, we have a tendency to aren't connected with any retail or on-line stores, and neither purchase nor sell jewellery.

We believe that each piece of incorporates a story to inform, from however it’s created to the character of the gemstones, and that we do our greatest to find and relate that story to our shoppers. Appraisals are measure by appointment and conducted in your presence during a personal and secure setting.

Services Offered

Gem Identification

Gem Appraisal

Rough Diamond Appraisal

Rough Diamond Grading

Watch Grading

Diamond Grading

Jewelry Appraisal

Insurance Appraisal

Melee Assortment

Melee Grading